The security officers who are recruited by Trackman Security Services Limited have passed their KCSE and posses a certificate of good conduct.


In addition, the guards must be able to communicate fluently (oral and written) in English, confident and have a good personality.

The vetting process requires that each candidate possess the new generation national identity card and two letters from referees who are not relatives. These referees are contacted, which means the guards selected are confirmed to be of a good standard of integrity.

You will be supplied with guards who meet a minimum of 5’9 (men) and 57 (women) aged between 24 years to 35years.


We regularly consider and recruit suitable personnel, preferably who have served in the military and other disciplined forces, which mean that YOU could benefit from the appropriate best practices from the disciplined forces that could be included in the service offering and standards.



We assign to our customers highly qualified, skilled and experienced security guards. Our guards and drivers have been trained in the following areas.


Access control procedures – the guards are trained to ensure that only authorized vehicles and persons access the offices and operations areas. They will also ensure that there is no intrusion by unauthorized persons to restricted areas.


Emergency procedures – the guards undergo training on how to timely and accurately respond to emergencies and disasters. They will also ensure that the environment is safe and does not pose any dangers to the employees and clients. We will a^so mitigate any form of threat to your operations.


Searching procedures – our guards will carry out thorough checks on all items entering and leaving the premises and operations areas. This will curb any losses of small but high value items and hence completely seal any such loopholes.


Patrolling – our guards are trained in patrol procedures and will continuously patrol your promises and surroundings to ensure that there are no any suspicious characters or threats to security.

Reporting and record keeping – the guards are well trained in incident reporting and record keeping. They are provided with an occurrence book, which they record every occurrence.




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